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The luxury bus faculty of melody transport is perhaps one of its best services. You can hire several buses with different options such as 13 seaters, 20 seaters, 35 seaters, and up to 50 seater buses. Along with that, you will observe admiring luggage capacities on the buses so that you can manage your transport curriculum. Also, with 20 years of experience, the well-trained staff and drivers are aware of each corner of the city. So, traveling within Dubai with the melody luxury buses will be your best experience here in Dubai.
You can witness a big, panoramic glass window in the outside perspective to allow the beautiful natural light to enter the bus in the daytime. Underneath, you will be provided luggage space for passengers. The company logo will be presented on the side of the bus. Once you enter the bus, you will see the driver seat in front of you, besides luxurious seat rows, filling the whole bus. The 50 seater melody buses have a bathroom option available. The above-spaced storage bins further make your journey safe and secure.
The melody buses have many innovative functions that attract the passengers towards them. The Wifi and phone chargers are also helpful for the staff to stay in contact with the company. So, your social media appearance or anything else on the internet will not affect the bus. You can gradually upload pics of your tours using our high-speed Wifi. Further, many spots for phone charging are also available so that you can keep the phone charge.
It is obvious to have luggage space in the buses. The melody provides dedicating storage space, unlike the other specs of transportation. Overhead storage space is provided on the bus to keep our credentials and related stuff safe, just like the airplane storage. Additional luggage space is also available under the bus. Large compartments are provided for big luggage bags and equipment.
The melody bus rental solution provides private transportation services. A private bus rental is an option for those who want to hire the bus for family tours, friends’ gatherings, and any other outing. You can grab the melody private bus rental option.
The melody passenger transport always maintains the criteria of professionalism in its services. The same goes for the driver’s department. The melody-worthy drivers should be highly trained, licensed, experienced, and able to work day and night shifts. We provide these trained and professional drivers with continuous training sessions, so their skills are further enhanced. That’s how the melody passenger transport makes their faculties safe and secure.
When we talk about buses, this means something significant. Ordinary buses are 80 seaters; however, the classic bus is 60 seats. The mini bus is a relatively small bus with a maximum capacity of 30 seats. The mini bus is also known as a mini-coach, but people are familiar with the mini bus in Dubai. Mini bus hire term is common in Dubai markets. The mini bus has 22 proper seats, with seven folding seats and one seat for the driver.
The mini bus is comparatively a tiny bus. The bus is comfortable for 20 to 30 passengers. The melody mini bus comes with a driver and fuel facility. Further, the mini bus has luggage capacity for reliable transportation service. The luxury mini bus has all the modern features.
The VAN rental Dubai is among the leading services of melody passenger transport. The company provides a fleet of VAN with different models and sizes. The luggage capacity of the VAN rental Dubai is reliable. In a 12 seater VAN, each person can carry one suitcase with him. The VAN will take care of the 12 suitcases. Luggage is managed correctly and secure, and the company guarantees to keep your luggage safe and pays off in case of any miss hap.
The best thing that the melody passenger transport is providing in the rental VANs is an innovative approach. All the Vans are luxurious, with multiple models available. They are furnished, Air-conditioned, with fire extinguishers, 24/7 customer support service panel, free WIFI, affordable rates, and much more. These fantastic features force everyone to choose the melody VAN rental service.
Due to an increase in the demand for VAN rental, the nine-seater VAN is now available to hire. The melody nine-seater VAN provides everyday comfort to travel.
24/7 customer support is available to solve any of your problems. You should keep your loved one secure by informing the company about travel routes. Further, you can make an emergency call when required.
Many transport companies are working here in Dubai. They offer alternative services with sustaining policies. But, there was a vacuum for low-paid employees and laborers to travel according to their budget. So, melody aims to deliver superior services to the labor community and the needy to travel in budget.
One of the exciting things about the melody passenger transport is that it takes care of customer financial condition. The dedicating mechanism includes the special reservation discount, which saves your money and built trust in melody values.
The melody luxury bus rental Dubai has nearly all types of buses, including the 20 seater bus, 13 seater bus, 33 seater bus, 50 seater bus, and other coaster and minibusses. In addition, you can hire any size bus with different luggage options according to your requirements.
There is no charging fee if you cancel the Reservation within 24 hours. However, if you cancel the Reservation late, you will be charged with some amount as it strictly takes care of the policies.

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